Notice of Intent, Fee Schedule

To Sadiq Khan/SADIQ KHAN

The annexed Notice of Intent — Fee Schedule is a schedule of mandatory fees instated by the Secured Party Creditor, Jane Mary Doe©, Authorized Representative on behalf of JANE SMITH©, JANE M. SMITH©, & JANE MARY SMITH©, Ens Legis, JANE DOE© JANE M. DOE©, JANE MARY DOE©, and do hereby set forth fees to be instated in any business dealing with JANE DOE©, and JANE MARY DOE©, or any permutation thereof, for any business conducted relevant to this schedule. Fees are due and must be paid before said business can commence. In the event that invoicing becomes necessary, invoiced amounts are due fifteen days after day of receipt. If said fees are not met, it is the right of the Secured Party Creditor, Jane Mary Doe©, to refuse or void any form of business interaction and/or transaction. Fees are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Secured Party Creditor, Jane Mary Doe©, is the only Authorized Representative to alter, void, and/or enforce said fees and may do so at any time.

All Rights Reserved,


Jane Mary Doe© Canadian National

Secured Party Lien Creditor Authorized Representative for JANE M. DOE©, Ens Legis

Without Prejudice


Notary Witness and Acknowledgement

Alberta Province

……………………. District

Today I, a Commissioned Notary, met with the living being known to me to be Jane Mary Doe, and she affirmed this Notice of Intent — Fee Schedule as shown before me this Written Date, in Witness whereof, I set my Signature and Seal:

By: ……………………………..………….. Public Notary; my commission expires on …………

Private Easements Schedule

Penalty for Public Use $250,000.00

These fees will be mandated upon the informant listed on the traffic citation ticket(s), arrest warrants, detention orders, seizure orders or any Bill of Attainder.

a. Name$50,000.00
b. Drivers License Number$50,000.00
c. Tax File Number Number$100,000.00
d. Retinal Scans$5,000,000.00
e. Fingerprinting$200,000.00
f. Photographing$200,000.00
g. DNA$5,000,000.00
1. Swabs, including, not limited to; Nasal, Anal, Oral,)$5,000,000.00
2. Atoms$5,000,000.00
3. Fingerprints, Palmprints, Footprints$5,000,000,00
4. Breath, Face, Voice, Eyes including Retina$5,000,000,00
5. Birth Marks or other identifying marks$5,000,000,00
6. Teeth including fillings$5,000 000 00
7. All Biogenetics$5,000,000,00
8. Blood, Plasma, Genetic and Gene samples$5,000,000.00
9. Urine samples$5,000,000.00
10. Breathalyzer testing$5,000,000.00
11. Hair samples$5,000,000.00
12. Skin samples$5,000,000.00
13. Organ$5,000,000.00
14. Clothing samples$5,000,000.00
15. Forced giving of fluids/samples$5,000,000.00
Produce trade name materials:
  1. Forced use of a QR code machine or any means

of gathering my private information $5,000,000.00

  1. Forced use of mask or any device that covers my

normal breathing function $5,000,000.00

  1. Forced or coerced Vaccination(s) $100,000,000.00
  2. All information pertaining to My intellect, mind body, spirit, thoughts, feelings, emotions and all artistic creations therefrom My hand written type-written or spoken words, autographs

and signatures, whether on paper, or digitally, emails, correspondences, documents,

communications, phone conversations, videos. $100,000,000.00

Use of trade name protected material under threat, duress, and/ or coercion:
a. Name written by the informant$250,000.00
b. Drivers License written by informant$150,000.00
c. Tax File Number written by informant$150,000.00
d. Miscellaneous Material written by informant$500,000.00

Produce any personal information/property for any kind of business interaction:

  1. Financial Information $100,000.00
  2. Property inside of motor vehicle $150,000.00

Time Usage for traffic stops:

a. 30 minutes$5,000.00
b. 60 minutes$10,000.00
c. 90 minutes$15,000.00

Court Appearance Schedule

These fees must be paid immediately after my case is finished. Failure to pay fines and fees will have an additional fee of $50,000.00 for breach of contract.

Demand for Appearance in court:

My Appearance

  1. Under protest and duress — Hourly fee $75,000.00
  2. Voluntarily — per hour $10,000.00
Use of trade name material


  1. under protest and duress: $25,000.00
  2. Voluntarily $10,000.00

Drivers License

  1. under protest and duress $25,000.00
  2. Voluntarily $10,000.00

Tax File Number

  1. under protest and duress: $25,000.00
  2. Voluntarily $10,000.00
  3. Miscellaneous Material $25,000.00
a. Financial Information$10,000.00
b. Drivers License$10,000.00
c. Tax File Number$250,000.00
d. Any documents produced by me — per document$10,000.00
e usage for court appearances:a. 30 minutes $5,000.00
b. Under Protest and Duress$33,500.00
c. Voluntarily$10,000.00
d. 60 minutes$75,000.00
e. Voluntarily$20,000.00

Produce any private information for any kind of business interaction:


90 minutes or more

  1. Under Protest and Duress $100,500.00
  2. Voluntarily $30,000.00

Trespass-Fee Schedule

Trespass by public official(s), police officer(s), judge(s), attorney(s), Corporation(s)and other fictional entities as well as all others who desire to contract:
  1. Failure to honour God Given Rights $20,000.00
  2. Failure to honour Oath of Office $50,000.00
  3. Failure to honour Constitutional Oath $50,000.00
  4. Failure to honour Written and/or Oral Word $5,000.00
  5. Silence/Dishonour/Default $5,000.00
  6. Failure to honour /No Bond $5,000.00
  7. Phone call to telephone number used by Secured Party

including from alleged debt collectors, each $ 5,000.00

  1. Telephone message left on Secured Party phone

Service or equipment — each $ 5,000.00

  1. Use of Street Address/Mailing location of Secured Party, each $ 5,000.00
  2. Time Waiting for Scheduled Service Minimum or per hour $1,000.00
  3. Detention from Free Movement and/or

cuffed Minimum or per hour $75,000.00

  1. Incarceration — Minimum or per hour $75,000.00
  2. Failure to Follow Federal and/or Province Statutes, Codes

Codes, Rules and/or Regulations $ 50,000.00

  1. Failure to State a Claim upon which Relief Can Be Granted $25,0000.00
  2. Failure to Present a Living Injured Party $100,000.00
  3. Failure to Provide Contract Signed by the Parties $100,000.00*
q.Failure to Provide ATO ID(s), and OtherATO Reporting Form(s) Requirements upon Request
r.Default By Non Response or Incomplete Response$100,000.00*
u.Theft of Public Funds$1,000,000.00*
v.Dishonor in Commerce$1,000,000.00*
w.Failure to pay Counterclaim in full within (30) Thirty Calendar Days of Default as set forth herein
x.Perverting of Justice Judgment$1,000,000.00*
1. Use of Common-law Trade-name/Trade-mark — Each$50,000.00
2. After One Warning (per each occurrence) — Each$50,000.00
3. Forcing psychiatric evaluations — Per Day$500,000.00
4. Refusal to provide adequate and proper nutrition while incarcerated — Per Day
5. Refusal to provide proper exercise while incarcerated — Per Day
6. Refusal to provide proper dental care while Incarcerated — Per Day
7. Forced giving of body fluids — Per Day$ 5,000,000.00
8. Forced injections/inoculations, vaccines — Per Day$ 5,000,000.00
9. Forced separation from marriage contract — Per Day$ 160,000.00
  1. Confiscation/kidnapping of a body

not an Canadian Citizen — Per Day $ 1,600,000.00

  1. Corporate Province continuing a mortgage for more than five years in violation of Banking Act of 1864 which takes

precedence over current Statutes at large — Per Day $ 1,600,000.00

  1. Attempted extortion of funds from birth certificate

account, super annotation account or any other associated accounts by fraud, deception and or Forgery by any agent,

entity or corporation — per count or charge$ 6,000,000.00
13. Attempted extortion of signature per count or charge$ 6,000,000.00
14. Attempted forgery of signature per count or charge$ 6,000,000.00

*Per Occurrence and Includes any Third Party Defendant

** All claims are stated in Canadian Dollars (CA$) which means that an CanadianDollar will be defined, for this purpose as a One Ounce Silver Coin of .999 pure silver or the equivalent par value as established by Law or the exchange rate, as set by the Canadian Mint, whichever is the higher amount, for a certified One Ounce Silver Coin (CA Silver Dollar) at the time of the first day of default as set forth herein; if the claim is to be paid in Federal Reserve Notes, Federal Reserve Notes will only be assessed at Par Value as indicated above.

Total damages will be assessed as the total amount of the damages as set forth herein times three (3) for a total of all damages as set forth in subsections a-w added to three (3) times the damages for punitive or other additional damages.

Kidnapping (If an alleged officer removes free soul more than 5 feet from free soul’s property without just cause,

it is kidnapping) $500,000.00

Services to others and/or Corporation(s):

  1. Studying — Per Hour $500.00
  2. While under threat, duress, coercion — Per Hour $ 75,000.00
  3. Analyzing — Per Hour $500.00
  4. while under threat, duress, coercion — Per Hour $ 75,000.00
  5. Research — Per Hour $500.00
  6. Per hour while under threat, duress, coercion — Per Hour $ 75,000.00
  7. Preparing Documents — Per Hour $500.00
  8. While under threat, duress, coercion — Per Hour $75,000.00
  9. Answering Questions — Per Hour $500.00
  10. While under threat, duress, coercion — Per Hour $ 75,000.00
  11. Providing Information — Per Hour $500.00
  12. While under threat, duress, coercion — Per Hour $ 75,000.00
If invoiced, payment is due 15 days after receipt date. Make all payments to:

Jane Mary Doe

Box #

City Stn Main Location



[Near Postal Code] Canada